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Health, Healing and Wellbeing – Actively Interconnected

Jogger by the seaNurses, midwives and carers are involved in maintaining the health and wellbeing of their clients, on practical, psycho-social and administrative levels. Keeping people healthy and well is ongoing, challenging, demanding and overwhelming. The healthcare system is by nature stressful, affecting both clients and health care workers.

For the system to stay healthy, nurses/midwives and carers need to have a positive sense of wellbeing. A healthy workforce ensures that healthcare is provided at the recommended standards. Touch through massage is a healing activity that connects health and wellbeing and is the most natural way that all living beings display care.

And as it is just as important for you, the giver to receive as it is to give, caring for yourself through massage, skin care and wellbeing activities is a way in which your passion for caring can be maintained.

WATCH THIS SPACE! Information about the upcoming Holistic Nurses Retreat Bali 2018, including how to book your place, will be posted here over the next couple of weeks.


Remember, Nurses-Healing is all about bringing health to the healthcare system, one nurse, midwife, or carer at a time: using touch as a way of caring for their clients that is rewarding for both the giver and the receiver; bringing holistic nursing principles to the workplace incorporating the mind/body/spirit of nursing/midwifery practice; and participating in health and wellbeing activities focused on them. In other words “me time”, “feel good”, “relax”,  “receive”, “revitalize”.

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